Who is Kimberly Racquel?

Kimberly Racquel is the author of the book “If Only I Could Shut My Mouth” an inspiring story that has shed light on the healing and life transformative effects of a journal writing practice. After practicing journal writing for more than 30 years, Kimberly has expertise in the value of this vital form of self-care and shares her story and the personal wisdom on the healing and life-changing power of journal writing. Kimberly is happily married and mother to three sons. She is an author, career woman, and entrepreneur. She used journaling to help her find direction and clarify her career goals. Kimberly was a single mother at the time who went back to school to earn her Bachelor’s Degree and then went on to earn her Master’s Degree in Administration. She credits her daily journal practice as her method to plan, strategize, and motivate herself to achieve her goals.
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