About Kimberly

Her soul might be saved but God is still trying to control her mouth! Author. Wife. Mother. Entrepreneur. Philanthropist. Atlanta native, Kimberly Raquel, is a Bible toting Christian and proud of it. However, she’s determined to debunk the myth that a God loving woman has to be sitting in the front pew at church every Sunday. She spreads the gospel, that a one-on- one relationship with God is what is most important. Thus, delivering her message of Christianity with an edgy contemporary twist.


Kimberly’s love of reading began growing up in Atlanta, Georgia, watching her mother read books at the stove while cooking. Her passion for writing ignited at age 8 when her mother gave her a journal as a birthday gift. Kimberly then began journaling as a way to speak her mind, not realizing this would become an outlet, allowing her a place to vent and say the things she was afraid to say aloud.


Writing and storytelling helped her cope with life and somehow find serenity within the sacred bond between her heart and her pen. Now, Kimberly is sharing some of the wisdom she’s learned fromher time spent with Godand journaling through her inspiring story.


Kimberly Racquel is married and raising three sons. She graduated Cum Laude from Central Michigan University and went on to receive her Master’s Degree in Administration. She currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

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